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Clients or a Broker/Agents looking for the perfect homes, please take the time to  read and understand the process.  SIMPLE, FAST AND CONVENIENT PROCESS FOR AGENTS AND CLIENTS.

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Instructions for the clients to Apply:
2) Locate the property (contact us if you can't find the home online).
3) Click "Apply Now", then select from the available Move-In dates and start applying.
4) Once the application is finish and paid, forward the confirmation number to us at  or via text  305.354.0370
(Feel free to call if you have questions or encounter problems during this process)



 Visiting our homes is easy, you can get access using our Lock Box or Self Showing System. (A very simple process that you as an Agent or a Renter will find very convenient). The first step is to make sure the home you (or your client) wants to visit is Vacant and Ready*. Renters can contact our office to schedule a visit or simply use or Self Showing System that allows you to view the home at your own convenience.(use the "Show Yourself In" box located on the website for any particular property, to start go to  If you are a Real Estate Agent then refer to the showing Instructions in the MLS ShowingTime tool. ---Only for the homes in Vacant & Ready status --- You can find notes about status and availability date on the Remarks or public notes on the listing.

If the home is in "Coming Soon" Status, the current resident has given us notice and they are preparing to move out soon and during this time WE DO NOT show the home under any circumstances. But You can get it reserved only for you today. Apply Now for priority access to view and lease the home before anyone else can do so.  Review (Pre-Leased Homes) details below.  After an old resident moves out from the home, we have a "Rehab Period" that will consist in having our vendors and maintenance team working in the home to bring it up to our standards. The new residents will receive a home that is Clean, Safe and Functional at Progress Standards.( During this period (usually 7 to 15 days*) No Showings Are Allowed but clients can drive by the area or  Apply Now for priority access to view and lease the home once ready before anyone else can do so.  Review (Pre-Leased Homes)

   Reserve a home today!  No Strings Attached!  ENJOY the peace of mind of having a home reserved only for you and at the same time to keep the Right to walk away or transfer to any of our homes. Check more (Pre-Leased Homes) below.   


Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether you’re preparing to move into your first rental home or your fifth, we have plenty of information, and helpful resources to make your leasing and moving process go as smooth as possible.


   Welcome Real Estate Agents and Brokers: 
   We work with all the REALTORS® community and cooperate  with all licensed agents and brokers, making this an unique portfolio of homes, available for the clients looking to lease a home now, or even in the near future. YOU CAN GET THEM INTO ONE OF OUR HOMES IN A SIMPLE ONE STEP PROCESS. Just forward the BLUE instructions above for the clients to search and apply for any of our homes. Clients will be required to register their real estate agent in the online application. Commission Paid in all available homes if you are licensed Realtor. Get Pay Fast! Usually within 3-7 days from Move-In date.
                                                                                 We Appreciate Your Business ! 
       *Once a client apply, the home is reserved. We will process only one application at the time. 


• No Contract To Lease is needed. 
• Price & conditions are firm and not negotiable. 
• Clients will upload all the documents with the application online. 
• (New)  Smart Homes in Florida Progress Residential® is excited to announce that the Progress Smart Home program is now live in Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Sarasota and Tampa! This program includes the installation of a Smart Home Hub, Smart Kwikset lock, Smart thermostat and Smart motion sensor for all homes. These features are available to residents with a $17/month mandatory fee. Find out more about our Progress Smart Home program at
• Clients will pay for the application fees and holding deposits online and no additional escrow is needed to be collected by the agent/broker. 
• Application fee $50/adult (18 years old or older). Make sure all occupants are listed in the application. (Online)
• Household income needs to be at least 3.5XRent.
• Holding fee is $250. This is an escrow deposit, is due with the application. Is Refundable if denied or if the home is Pre-leased*  (check Pre-Leased Instructions below).
• One Time $125 admin fee charged at move-in.
• Convenient Low Security Deposit: From 1 (one)  Month’s Rent - (Basic Standard Deposit) - could be up to 3 months depending on screening results.  
• Pet Rent (if apply): $35 (per pet per month) Paid every month with the monthly rent.  
• Pet Fee (if apply): $300 per pet (one-time payment at Move-in)  
•Washer and Dryer Units Provided by Tenants.
• (If apply) Monthly Pool Service: $125 per month (only for homes with Private Pools) 
• Renters insurance not mandatory but recommended (if do not have it at move in, you will be charged $14.95 per month waiver) Note: Cost of Renter’s Insurance is around that amount, meaning if you do get insurance you will be covered.  

Move-In Date: 

If the home is Under Rehab or Occupied at the time of the application, then the move in date is an estimate and is subject to change. We will deliver the home once is completed and ready. (Usually takes between 5  to 15 days from the time the old tenants move out to when the the new tenants will have a Move-In ready home, but clients must be prepare and somehow flexible in case some extra time is needed).  

(Pre-Leased Homes) 
If the home is still occupied or vacant but not ready at the time the applicant completes the application is consider Pre-Leased, then the Holding Fee (above) will be 100% refundable in the case the clients decide not to proceed with the transaction at any time until they  see the home once completed by our maintenance department. Applicants will keep their right to withdraw from the deal until they see the home fully finished. Again, this applies for cases where the applicant completes the application before the home is completed/ready or while is still tenants occupied (Pre-Leased). Other option offered is that clients can transfer the application to  any of our available homes in the case they don't like it . 
Note:  Average 95% of all applicants end up moving to the home they originally applied for. This means that this program is proven to be effective and a great option for those who  want to secure a deal now and enjoining a peace of mind of having this amazing homes been reserved exclusively for you now, and ready when you need it. 


Some homes have HOA Management Companies and sometime additional approvals, fees or requirements are needed by those companies before tenants are able to occupy the home. 
Is Agent/Applicants responsibility to obtain necessary HOA information about requirements, fees and time for approval before submitting any applications for a home. (Contact Listing Agent if you have questions or you need clarification about the HOA process)


Housing Authority Clients: 
We work with most of the Housing Authorities in the area but before you consider one of our homes you must know the following about our process:
- Voucher has to cover the entire asking price. We can't take  side payments, nor any other partial payments that are not approved and contracted with the housing authority.
- Our prices are firm and we do not modify them. Make sure you let your case worker know about this.
- We recommend you to inform your caseworker about the home you are trying to lease from us.
   Thanks for selecting us! 


Move-In Funds Required 4-Days before Move-In

 In an effort to ensure funds are received and verified before the move-in date, Future Residents are now required to sign their lease and pay move-in funds no later than 4 days before move-in.

Move-in funds can also be delivered to the local market's office located  at 5601 Powerline Rd., Suite 100 | Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309. Certified funds only. 

 Contact us for any additional information.  

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